Dylan Tauber Releases Dolphin Trance 2

Starting your weekend with some must-hear tunes – this time we have the newest from Dylan Tauber, Dolphin Trance 2 (released in September). This album is the follow up from his first mix Dolphin Trance (produced and released last year), and is also the 10th album released by the multi-talented DJ and producer.

Having been based in New York City, Jerusalem and Miami, Tauber has a wide range of influences when it comes to creating his unique style of electronic music. The electronica visionary is not only a musician, but also an artist and author. The Double Mirrors anthology, started in 1996, is a series that includes a book, video slide shows, a soundtrack – a project as a whole that has been a work in progress for over 20 years.

Dolphin Trance 2 is what you would expect and more. Think a mix of trance and tropical house, with the serene ocean sounds. With this -3 degrees weather and insane wind chills on the East Coast, this is definitely what we need to put our mind in a warmer state. Take a listen below, and as a New Years treat, we’re keeping our fingers crossed for round three of Dolphin Trance in 2017!