San Diego Producer, JahkR, Announces ‘Catharis’

There’s nothing that makes Monday morning better than with some new tunes. This week, we’re bringing you Catharsis by San Diego artist and producer, JahkR. Dabbling in the genres of EDM and hip-hop, pop and instrumental, JahkR is a multi-talented artist on-the-rise with a unique flare.

Grabbing inspiration from artists including Tiesto, ATB, DJ Khaled and David Guetta, JahkR was always interested in electronic dance music, mainly because of his passion for track and field. While running, he wanted to run fast – therefore he plugged his playlists with high BPM tracks.

“The uplifting melodies and uptempo beat helped [him] win many races and also assisted in dealing with the troubles of [his] poor surroundings.”

An outcast in school, always thinking and speaking differently, listening to EDM was just another reason his peers would bully him. It wasn’t the music that was listened to by the “in” crowd, but JahkR was okay with that. He refused to be ostracized for loving a type of music that he was so emotionally attached to – a type of music that didn’t judge, encourage violence, but instead, one that accepted all.

JahkR has a book of stories to tell, and Catharis is just the beginning. “My music is unlike any other, just as I am. Now the world will hear a new way to listen.” Preview the album below via Soundcloud, and look for more to come from JahkR in the new year!