Sofia Kourtesis – Seductive Remix of “Cool Kids”

Berlin Based DJ / Producer / Activist,
Sofia Kourtesis Warms Us Up This Holiday Season with 
Her Seductive Remix of “Cool Kids” 
Out Now on Ki Records
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“Sofia Kourtesis presents a seductive and tantalizing remix of “Cool Kids” that is just right for the holiday season. In a subtile yet profound manner she is able to mast the art of music through sound and beats that take music as a whole to another dimension. Her style and vibe is unique. The elements take you away to that deep inner place you never want to leave. If you are looking to roast some chestnuts this holiday season then stream and buy Sofia Kourtesis remix of “Cool Kids.'” Full Support: Raver Magazine –
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The ravishing DJ/Producer/Activist Sofia Kourtesis warms listeners up this holiday season with her brilliant remix of Me Succeeds’ original “Cool Kids,” out today on Christian Loffler’s label imprint Ki Records.
The remix exhibits Kourtesis’ extraordinary ability to think outside the box. She utilizes the voice of her uncle – recording it, sampling it, and playing it backwards – and makes it the backdrop for her rendition, and ultimately creates an entirely new ambience for the original. Sofia comments on her remix, “The Cool Kids remix is really energetic and playful, I thought about our new generation, these people who are young and cool on their own special unique form. Kids wanna change things and maybe save the world someday.”
Kourtesis reinterprets sounds of modern electronic by channeling elements of barraging tech-house, dream-pop, new wave, and more. What Kourtesis offers is a spellbinding auditory experience that falls somewhere between the minimal sounds of Aphex Twin and mystifying ambiance of Jai Paul. Whether it be a flea market found MPC, or a child’s toy triangle, she skillfully utilizes anything at her fingertips to create an innovative sound.
Track List:
Matthew Dear / DJ Koze Remix – Elementary Lover
Gold Panda – In my Car
Sofia Kourtesis Feat Gold Panda – Las Magnolias
Björk- Aurora
Ada – Happy Birthday
Nathan Fake -Grandfathered
Me Succeeds- Ultra Epic
Luke Abbott -Modern Driveway/ Jon Hopkins Remix
Roman Flügel- Believers
Fever Ray -Keep the Streets Empty for Me
Billie Holiday – All of me
Edward Sciccorhands / Ice Dance