Crizzly’s “Crunk & Wired” (w/ Prismo)

Crizzly & Prismo Release Massive Track “Crunk & Wired” for Free Download

by Michael Beas

Crunkstep Master Crizzly strikes it hard with this banger of a track ‘Crunk & Wired’ with Texas native Prismo. 

Both Crizzly and Prismo have blended their own unique styles to form this mind-blowing anthem. As found in the past with Crizzly’s vibe you can expect hip-hop influences inside ‘Crunk & Wired,’ which is truly authentic to his roots. Bassheads and Headbangers will dig the percussion and massive drops that come with any Crunkstep beat. ‘Crunk & Wired’ is available for FREE Download truly a nice gift for the holiday season and one that SliceGang will love him for time and time again.

FREE Download

There is no mistaking that the Crunkstep genre is growing like a wildfire in the forest. There is no limit to how far Crizzly can go and no place that he can not climb.

2017 is surely going to bring him and the SliceGang an endless supply of Crizzly Bass that will surly not fall short of perfection.

Full Support to Crizzly and the SliceGang!!! Raver Mag.