Exclusive Interview with Dante Klein – From the Netherlands to Around the World

 Exclusive Interview with Dante Klein – From the Netherlands to Around the World

by Charlotte Vosbeck


Dante Klein is one of the new and upcoming dj/producers and rising stars from the Netherlands. He played at Tomorrowland, Parookaville and just got back from a gig in Seoul, Korean. This weekend he will be doing a couple of huge festivals in Europe.

Dante Klein rocked the charts with his song: Let me Hold You (Turn me on) he produced together with Cheatcodes. almost hitting the 300 Million mark on both Spotify and Youtube.



He recently released the song: Coke & Hennessy with the 87’s feat. Bone Thugs & Harmony (on Congo Records, a joint venture with Spinnin’ Records.)
The track was recorded in LA and is a straight up crossover mixture of Hip-Hop, Future Bass and some Pop influences while keeping that old school LA vibe alive with vocals from none other than the 90’s Hip-Hop Legends: Bone Thugs & Harmony.
At the moment Dante Klein is also working on a track together with the son of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, called Dylan Jagger Lee, artist name Dylan Jagger.
Raver Mag. had an opportunity to catch up with Dante, this is what he shared up with us.

Raver Mag. What artists have been an inspiration for your unique sound?

Dante; I have to go with Diplo.


Raver Mag. What was the best part about working with the 87’s and Bone, Thugs, & Harmony?

Dante; Chilling in Los Angeles with 87’s! And just working together with legends as Bone Thugs N Harmony was sick.


Raver Mag. If you were in a bar is Coke & Hennessy the drink that you would order?

Dante; Haha not really. I think it will be a Moscow Mule or Vodka Soda.


Raver Mag. Did you enjoy your time recording in LA? What is your favorite place to work on new music?

Dante; I really loved it. And yes it will be definitely LA. I love everything over there!


Raver Mag. I love the song ‘Let Me Hold You’ with Cheat Codes, did you expect it to gain as much traction as it did?

Dante; No when it reached the 5 million plays I was sooooo happy and amazed and yeah when we hit the 100 million plays I almost died of happiness haha.


Raver Mag. What do you love most about producing music?

Dante; Its a form of expressing yourself. And creating something new thats what I love.


Raver Mag. Which of your festival performances has been your favorite in your career thus far?

Dante; It will be Sunrise Festival in Poland. That show was insane!


Raver Mag. What artists would I find on your favorite playlist?

Dante; Khalid, Mumford and sons, Blackbear, Coldplay.


Raver Mag. Are you excited for your upcoming performance at the closing party of Limited Edition inUshuaïa?

Dante; Yeah I really can’t wait!


Raver Mag. What projects are you working on currently? What makes you excited for the future?

Dante: There is a very cool collaboration coming up! Can’t tell to much about that yet though.


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