Galantis – ‘Pillow Fight’

Galantis surprises fans with “Pillow Fight” + debuts track alongside new lyric visual!!!

by Eubin Jin

In an era where complex and multi-layered beats are praised in the EDM community, there are few who are willing and able to bring music back to its roots. Galantis achieved this in their single, ‘Pillow Fight’. In their own words, ‘Pillow Fight’ is a return to their own roots and the heart of why they started creating music. In fact, this could really be a return to heart and roots of electronic music by stripping away much of unneeded noise and hype that most songs have added nowadays.

To start, Galantis throws in straightforward vocals. There is one verse and one chorus, but the message is clear and upfront, let’s dance the night away and worry about sleep tomorrow! They didn’t want this message to be buried underneath excessive lyrics so kept the layout simple and clean. This is echoed in the underlying music to follow the lyrics. The foundation is a simple and clean house beat that focuses on the essence of house music, high energy and bouncy, the kind of music that makes you dance and jump. Galantis even forgoes the standard “build-up into drop” that has been a part of the house/bass community for years for a more gentle transition straight into the bass. It is hard to catch on the first listen due to how smooth and effortless the transition is. I honestly wouldn’t have caught it if I hadn’t listen to a different song to compare  ‘Pillow Fight’ to. Galantis has proven that even without all the bells and whistles, fantastic music can still be made. ‘Pillow Fight’ has shown that there still is beauty in simplicity.

In lots of ways “Pillow Fight” brings back the original Galantis heart and roots, and reminds us why we started this project. Launch yourself in every wave, live and breathe the full-throttle mentality, we’ll go to sleep tomorrow” —GALANTIS

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