Kush pulls the ‘Trigger’

Bonzai Progressive brings us DJ and producer Kush as he returns with a massive new drop ‘Trigger.’ 

by Michael Beas

All of us as grow up with a passion, a dream of sorts that one day we will aspire to greatness. Some of us want to be astronauts or doctors and some like Kush,  want to one day become musicians or rock stars. In Kush’s case, he grew up wanting to be a talented musician who would make a difference. Since the age of 5 he has been at it, pushing himself to perfect an already natural talent.

It didn’t take long for Kush to realize the power of using computers to develop and create music. Soon, his talent turned into a an outstanding career of producing electronic music. Techno, Tech-House, Minimal, Deep House, Jazz, Rock and Metal, everything and their in-between he has played and dabbled in. Heavy basslines, emotive chords, and dark synths is how best we can describe his electronic beats that have taken fans and listeners alike to a place they never want to leave.

Now, in 2016 he is at it in full force on Bonzai Progressive with ‘Trigger’ his latest musical masterpiece. Smooth kick drum snares, intense hi hats and sonic baselines make take ‘Trigger’ to another level.

In Short Late Night Will Never Be The Same Again!!! 

Full support from us at Raver Mag. 

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