Liquid Stranger – Hotbox

“Hotbox” for Free Ahead of New “Weird & Wonderful” EP

by Eubin Jin

Free Download

Liquid Stranger has been twisting and transforming the conventional sounds of bass music for over a decade. With the release of “Hotbox” he has shown he still has that unique touch. Liquid Stranger smashes together sounds that at first blush that don’t seem like they would be work, but he is able to artfully weave them into something different and addicting to listen to. ‘Hotbox’ itself is special in that he seems to jump between genres as the song progresses, going from a hard-hitting, heavier dubstep sound, to something resembling old-school, melodic, UK dubstep from the early 2000’s, to an incredible blend of the two. He has seamlessly blended multiple different bass music genres into a new entity. Liquid Stranger has once again left us dumbfounded at his skill and vision, and to those that call bass music “same-y and boring” obviously haven’t listened to this artist.

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