TÂCHES Announces New EP, “To Move Mountains” British Balearic Enigma At Its Best!

British Balearic Enigma TÂCHES Announces New EP,
“To Move Mountains”
 by Kristine Kennedy
When artists are on the move, they are on the move… TÂCHES is literally no exception to the rule. He just got done playing at Burning Man Festival, and he make a move across the Atlantic to California where he embarks on a USA journey that will kick off the launch of his label Glitter Cowboy. If thats not enough TÂCHES is releasing a new EP, ‘To Move Mountains’ We had an opportunity to listen to the new EP ahead of time and we can honestly say that is it going to blow you mind with its wickedly addicting House vibe that it projects.
Making its premiere today, TÂCHES offers out as a FREE stream ahead of its September 20th release “Unrequited Love Affair” featuring alluring vocals by longtime collaborator Arum Flowers and is his first downtempo song, (an ode to what he’s “loved and forgotten”).
Here’s a little about what  TÂCHES  has to say about his new label and release:
To Move Mountains will be the first release on TÂCHES’ new label Glitter Cowboy, a home for kindred spirits. “I like to wear cowboy boots and drink beer faraway from societal responsibilities. I relish being uncomfortable and getting dusty in nature. It’s when I feel most alive” he says. Adaptability, authenticity, courage, duty, loyalty, and self-reliance are qualities he seeks to embody in the label. In keeping with his “small strokes, big impact” ethos, To Move Mountains arrives in beige packaging with fine black line art that he sourced from a Czech artist online.
Whatever TÂCHES takes on next, it will be filtered through his poignantly romantic view of the world. “The word Balearic to me, there’s a feeling of euphoria attached to it. It’s a good vibe. But at the same time, there’s always an element of melancholy. It’s a sadness attached to the transient nature of living and loving people. Emotionally, I think my music tends to sit in that melancholic field. I haven’t quite reached the level of heartbreaking emotion that I hope to convey through my music yet, but I’m getting closer.”

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