Raver Mag caught up with LA-based duo No Pants Party ahead of their latest release ‘Never Knew’ with British producer Vanilla Ace on Toolroom Records.

1.    We have watched Step Brothers together more times than we can count

2.    You can probably figure this out from our socials, but we’re kind of obsessed with cats

3.    We have 4 matching tattoos

4.    In our free time we listen to everything from rap to country to emo music (not always tech house!)

5.    We’re weirdly superstitious, which is why we always DJ on the same sides

6.    When looking for new music, we are about 500% more likely to listen to a track if it has ‘booty’ in the title

7.    For nearly two years we would call each other EVERY time we heard Benny Benassi  “Satisfaction” and hold the phone up to the speaker

8.    We once got kicked out of a bar in Hoboken, NJ for making our own confetti out of ripped up napkins

9.    Our friendship began when we were working retail together; we initially bonded over our beer-drinking abilities

10.  Sometimes we wear pants