Interviewed by Michael Beas @BeasMichael
Todd Helder  is an up and coming DJ/Producer that has solidified his name amongst some of the most promising producers in the dance music space. Todd has just released his new record ‘Trapped’ via STMPD.
At only 21 years of age Todd has been recognised by industry leaders such as Marshmello and Martin Garrix. With track support from Marshmallow, Todd was blasted into the limelight and shortly after picked up by Martin Garrix’s label STMPD
Todd has played at some of the worlds biggest venues including Tomorrowland and Ushuaia where he supported Martin Garrix. The Dutch sensation continues to make his name in the industry by releasing new music on STMPD. Raver Magazine had a chance to catch up with Todd for an exclusive interview, here is what he shared up with us. 
Raver Mag.
I love the game vibe visuals in your youtube videos and on stage performances. From a branding aspect it’s brilliant, feeding off of that vibe, what’s the energy that you hope both new and loyal fans will take away from the Todd Helder name and look? 


Todd Helder: Thank you for the kind words! Happiness, Love and Peace! These are the 3 words that motivate me as an artist! 


Raver Mag.
What’s it like to get that call from Martin Garrix’s STMPD Rcrds saying that they want you to be part of their label? 


Todd Helder: Martin Garrix is the world’s best DJ at the moment so to be able to release and EVEN sign on his label is such an honor! I will never forget this amazing day and I’m super proud/honored to be part of this crazy family!


Raver Mag. 
You are touring more than ever, from a festival perspective you have already played Tomorrowland, Ushuaïa and Dreambeach. You are now in route to Mysteryland, Machac and New Horizons, what can fans expect from catching one of your sets? 


Todd Helder: I would never have thought that I would perform at these amazing festivals and I’m super thankful for these opportunities! As soon as I push play on my CDJ’s you enter my little world called: 8BIT. You can expect heavy trap, dubstep and new Todd Helder ID’s with amazing pixel animation visuals by this genius Matheus!


Raver Mag.
Life is about not just the adventure but the ride that comes with it along the way, what is the ride like to see your persona and music reach the levels across the world that it is reaching? 


Todd Helder: My life has been a roller-coaster ever since my first release ‘I Need’ on STMPD RCRDS! As an artist I try to push my limits again and again and I find it challenging but fun!


Bonus Question: 
What are the Top 3 Video Games of time that you have played or still love playing? 


As a kid I love to play games and I still do, here are my top 3 video games: Minecraft, because it has given me many opportunities to find myself creatively. My second favorite game is GTA 5 because it’s an open world with endless freedom same as in Minecraft, but in GTA 5 you get to drive sick cars at 150mph weaving in and out between highways. My third  favorite is Clash Of Clans (Iphone game) because you can create a village and customise its defences & build an army to attack other people (and because you can create clans which is a great way to directly talk to my fans).