A Fire Under The Electric Sky: Bonnie X Clyde


Bonnie x Clyde have returned with another amazing song that will be sure to rise to the top. “Rise Above” is a song that will simultaneously put you in your feels and make you want to headbang. This song is very empowering, because it describes the cycle of life. “We rise and then we fall but that won’t break me” are the lyrics that are heard throughout the song time and time again. It’s motivational for anyone to hear, especially if you’re feeling under. This song will be a beacon of hope for anyone that maybe going through a rough time.

Bonnie x Clyde continue to show that their “vocal bass” music is competitive in this ever changing industry. They just recently performed at EDC this past weekend in not one but three massive sets that brought some serious heat to the western deserts of Las Vegas

Set number two at the Trap Nation Parliament Art Cart brought over 3,000 people to one of the far corners of EDC Las Vegas, bringing together a crowd unlike any other for an art cart set.
“ Our Trap Nation set was super unique and wonky. We played a lot of experimental trap tracks and explored a different vibe but everyone loved it.” -Bonnie
Describe your first EDC Las Vegas experience. Bonnie – “It was kind of indescribable. It’s like one of those things you dream about for a really long time and then it happened all at once. It was truly beautiful, the amount of people who came out for us at our sets and supported us. It felt like a family experience. Those people who stuck around to the end of our sets to take the family photo really made it extra special for us.” Clyde – “Having to take a test in the middle of the two days and then having to fly back from LA was crazy but it was awesome to be able to play 3 sets in one festival.”
Thousands of fans came by Bonnie X Clyde’s sets throughout the weekend whether they were dedicated fans or had just discovered the duo. Both their Friday Upside Down House set and their Saturday Corona Beach set was accompanied by evening fireworks that lit up the electric sky and created a ‘very special moment’ for Bonnie X Clyde during their sets.

Bonnie and Clyde are consistently growing and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next. If you haven’t caught them live it is an experience like no other. The vibe, the elements, visuals and the pure bass thumping sound is something that you will not long forget. 

As always, nothing but support for this amazing duo…

Raver Mag.

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