No Way Back returns with his latest single “Minute” featuring Sophia Black, Out Now on Enhanced Music.

Exclusive Interview 

by Michael Beas

LA-based producer No Way Back is crafting magic with every beat. Their is almost a touch of R&B with deep house melodies mixed into his music. In a way is a futuristic take on house music that few can master and little can dominate. He has in our view secured his mark in the world of dance music. He is original, his music has power and meaning. It is almost as if there is a light at the end of the tunnel when he is on the decks. Fans old and new flock to the groovy vibes that he radiates forward when performing. There is simply no limit to where he and his music can travel next.
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More About No Way Back Sparking widespread attention with his debut single “It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay,” which hit the Top 10 in the UK Music Week Club Chart and was praised by Nest HQ as a “sleek and futuristic take on house,” No Way Back has continued to gain momentum over the past year with singles “Doin’ It Well” and “Honey,” his remixes of Le Youth’s “If You’re Leaving” andJuly Child’s “Girl Like Me,” and his collaboration with Le Youth “Back2Life,” all while garnering praise from the likes of TiestoDon DiabloLe YouthManufactured Superstars, andGoldroom and receiving radio support from Capital XtraMinistry of Sound, and Capital FM.
Raver Mag.
Your music is a blend of house, hip-hop, and soul. All combine, in my opinion to perfection. Do you feel there is a Los Angeles flare to your music that is different then the rest of the pack who focuses on a more one sided genre?
When it comes to making music I just want to be genuine about the process. I write about my own experiences and try to make feel good shit. Im from the east coast so Im not sure if theres a Los Angeles flare to my music but I love living in Los Angeles and collabing with so many talented people on a daily basis here. Raver Mag. Our magazine is for the true rave community. Your music is full of energy with a soulful bend that can be highly addicting. From your point of view, what vibe, what energy do you want the fans of dance music, both new and existing, to take away from your music? I want them to connect to the music on a personal level. We all go through our ups and downs and everyday struggles, I want people to feel a certain way when they hear my music. Theres soulful, and nostalgic elements to the music that people can really gravitate to.
Raver Mag. Talk to me about your debut single “It’s Not Right.” That track got some serious traction. Not only did it get to the Top 10 of the UK Music Week Club Chart, but it also got props from some of the biggest names in the world of dance. Names like Tiesto, Don Diablo, MK, Blonde, Goldroom, and more… What’s the inside scope on how it all came about. I was really into the new wave of piano house at the time. I was speaking with my manager about a classic tune to bring back and we came up with flipping a Whitney Houston song. The remake came about really quick and it was really an honor to get so much love and support from some of my favorite djs on this one. Its definitely a track that can be played for years to come and I’m proud of that.  Raver Mag. I think I know the answer to this but what’s up with the stage name “No Way Back?” For so many people, that stage name can go in so many directions and places; what’s your direction with the name and how does it connect with you? The meaning behind No Way Back is about pushing forward through tough times, break ups and anything that comes your way in life. Its about never giving up and constantly growing as a person. Ive been through a lot of highs and lows in my life and the meaning really fits with the journey that Ive been on up to this point.  Raver Mag. These have been some pretty deep questions, so I am going to loosen the mood with a different vibe. Feel free to now blast some of these off if you not comfortable with things:   1. Top Three Favorite Foods? Pasta, dim sum, sugarfish sushi  2. On on Tour what’s the must have drink you must always listed on your Ryder? Basically, are you a bear, liquor, sprite or just Fiji Water type guy? Pellegrino 😉 3. If you can take a selfie with anyone on tour today who would it be and why? I want to take selfies with anyone and everyone thats supports my music. The long hours and long nights in the studio make me appreciate the people that show love and support. That means everything to me.  Last Question: On a more serious note: What’s next for No Way Back? Fill us in on your plans and what you have in store for us after killing it in Miami for Music Week… Right now I’m in the studio just finishing up my debut EP. Look out for a lot of new tunes coming out this year ! 
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