Walt Disney once said: “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” Adam Barabas, who hails from Dubnica nad Váhom in Slovakia, is an individual that was able to make all of his dreams come true in America.

Photo Credit: Christopher Devargas

Las Vegas performer Adam Barabas has one purpose in life: to inspire others no matter what, and that certainly seems to be the case. He is known for his work as a performer in both “Extravaganza — The Vegas Spectacular” and the Chippendales touring show.

He was thrilled to be a part of the 2021 Chippendales “All-Star” calendar. “I was very surprised, I am one of the youngest that made it on that calendar. It felt very humbling and I was very honored to be a part of the voting system. All of these guys are legends and I look up to them. They are just amazing dudes. I was very humbled to be in the running,” he said.

The 2021 Chippendales “All-Star” calendar is available by clicking here.

Barabas subsequently noted that doing “[email protected]” was a “fun experience.” “I enjoyed it since it gave me something to do during the quarantine. It was a lot of fun. We were able to party with ladies from all over the world such as Japan, America and Europe. It was really nice,” he said.

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Each day, he revealed that he is self-motivated. “When I am positive, and when I can give my positivity to other people, then it’s infectious and that affects my entire mood for the whole day. I put 200 percent in each performance every night,” he said.

“I listen to great podcasts on YouTube,” he added about his motivations.

Barabas was honored to be spotlighted by Sam Novak in “Vegas Unfiltered.” “That was so great,” he said. “Seeing myself and my story in print was gratifying. I had to remind myself with that story how much I accomplished and that felt great, especially to see my whole journey coming from Slovakia and going to Los Angeles and Las Vegas, and making it to the Chippendales tour. I was surprised and humbled.”

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He is also excited to be a part of “Extravaganza — The Vegas Spectacular,” which has been delightful. “I am appreciative for that
whole environment and the theater. Honestly, it is hard to describe. It’s great, I feel very lucky and I definitely don’t take it for granted. I dedicate each performance that I do to everyone. I try to keep my positivity up,” he said.

In “Extravaganza,” it was fun for Barabas to reunite with crossbow queen Silvia Silvia and her husband Victor Ponce, both of which he worked with in the Las Vegas production “WOW.”

For Barabas, his journey in Las Vegas has reached a full-circle moment. He started out as showboy in the iconic Jubilee, and then six years later, he is back opening “Extravaganza — The Vegas Spectacular” during the COVID-19 pandemic. “Returning back to Las Vegas was humbling and exciting,” he admitted.

On being an artist in the digital age, Barabas said, “I think it’s very cool that we are able to find many avenues to do what we love and perform. It’s also confusing since I came from an age where there was no Internet or computers. I am very lucky that I get to experience this. You need to learn how to stay true to yourself even with social media. It’s all about authenticity.”

For young and aspiring performers, he encouraged them to “stay true to themselves.” “Have a great attitude, be professional,” he said.
“Be the one that people want to work with. Be nice and try to empower others. Try to be a leader for others, especially if you have more experiences, and make those experiences the best for everybody. That’s the most important

“In order to work in this business, you need to be workable, where others would want to work with you,” he added.

He acknowledged that during the quarantine he honed his cooking skills. “I finally found a love to cook,” he said. “I realize that I
actually enjoy cooking so much and doing these different dishes, especially Vegan and Slovakian dishes.”

Barabas defined the word success as “being happy with whatever you do and being appreciative of every moment.” “If you can do that, then
you are successful,” he said.

For his fans, he concluded, “I miss them. I can’t wait to see them again. I hope they stay safe and healthy, and patient. I love them so much. I can’t wait to perform for them again soon.”

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