Adam Kahati is Proving He’s One to Watch

By Sophia Roca-Joseph

Feature Photo Copyright Shervin Lainez

Starting out in the remix game this groundbreaking college kid is on the move. Adam Kahati is a junior at the University of Maryland and has been making beats that have reached all over the world. With massive support from artists like The Chainsmokers and Two Friends, this guy is far from your average dude. After the books and the tests are completed, he’s making music and performing on stage. He has all the groove and is dropping some new music soon – don’t be the last one to check it out! 

Do you have any Pre-show rituals? 

It’s funny because not many people know it. But Ed Sheeran is one of my biggest inspirations for music, he’s actually the reason I started producing. So I taught myself ‘Lego House’ a couple years ago when I was starting to teach myself how to play guitar. That was actually the first song I learned how to play. So now every time I am about to perform I have to either listen to or play ‘Lego House’ to kind of remind myself where I started. That song puts me back in the mindset of three years ago when I was in my bedroom learning how to play this song and just wishing I could perform for people one day.

If you could eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be? 

Definitely steak, I love steak. 

Hardest lesson to learn in this industry so far? 

That you really have to work your ass off, it does not come easy whatsoever. Before Zach and I started working together I was sending hundreds of e-mails to whoever just to get a write-up on something. Every time it was “no your just some random guy from New York” or “This song doesn’t fit what we need.” Finally, one day I got a reply e-mail saying like “this shit is dope we are going to throw it on our weekly playlist” and I FREAKED out, it was one of the most amazing feelings. 

Copyright Jarrett Birnbaum

Go-to Tour Snack? 

I love Welch’s Fruit snacks, those are unbelievable. Easily the best snack out there.

How do you find your Zen while on tour? 

Not worrying about what’s in the long run. One step at a time, relax. I get super energetic and get in this mode where I’m like “ I want to do this and this etc.” and Zach is always there to tell me “hey one thing at a time”.

One quote you live by? 

My mom bought me this book and it said “Shit happens, get over it” and it’s this amazing book of quotes that I read over and over again. One of my favorite quotes in it was something that went like “The steeper the mountain, the greater the view.” It really relates to this industry we are in, it’s one hell of a steep mountain you know. 

Any upcoming projects you want to talk about? 

 I’m really excited to announce that the first batch of Adam Kahati music is coming out. I’ve been in the remix game for a really long time and you know now it’s that time where I have more of a following and I really want to show what Adam Kahati is about and who I am. A lot of it is written by myself and with friends, really special people to me. They are all extremely personal to me and I’m really excited to show everyone, everything was written from the heart.

Copyright Sophia Roca-Joseph