ADE & Antler launch Startup Competition with the chance to win €100K investment

    Amsterdam Dance Event and gobal early-stage venture capital investor Antler join forces to launch a competition in which the most innovative startup is worth a €100K investment plus dedicated coaching.

    ADE, now more than ever, has a focus on the future of music and its surrounding industries. Both parties believe a big part of the reality of tomorrow is imagined today, by innovators, visionaries, and creators of all kinds: entrepreneurs. That is why ADE and Antler are launching the 2022 ADE & Antler Startup Competition, to invest in and support exceptional people with world-changing ideas.

    Who can enter?

    Anyone starting a company related in any way to the music & entertainment industry can join the 2022 ADE & Antler Startup Competition. The winner gets the investment and will be guided by dedicated world-class professionals from both ADE and Antler through the jungle of early-stage entrepreneurship, who will share their relevant network as well.

    Selected teams will be invited to a video pitch session after a screening process, with finalists pitching to Antler’s Investment Committee (IC) remotely. The Investment criteria will take the relevance within the music & entertainment industry into account, as well as how the startup works on a business level.

    Main Stage Event
    The final round of the competition will take place live on the main stage during ADE Pro in Amsterdam, where the final contestants will present their ideas live on stage to compete for the grand prize of (at least) €100K investment, access to Antler’s global network of investors and industry experts, coaching by Antler’s leadership and more.

     Read more about the competition and find out how to enter.

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