Practices What He Preaches –

Dedication Makes Dreams Come True

by Kristine Kennedy and Michael Beas 


Nick van de Wall, better known to our dance community as Afrojack, is a Dutch producer and DJ who has taken the EDM world by storm with his talent and success. He began his interest in music at an early age, learning to play the piano at five and later began DJ’ing in clubs in his early teen years. He released his first track under the Afrojack name in 2007. He first entered the DJ Mag Top 100 DJ’s poll in 2010 at number 19 – the highest new entry of that year. Now he’s regularly found in the top ten. Since then, his dedication to his craft has made him a household name within our community. Luckily, we were recently able to link up our schedules with his for this exclusive interview. Ladies and gents, we give you Afrojack!


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Talk to me about your new track ‘Another Life’ with David Guetta and Esther. 

It’s going well. It’s kicking ass in fact. I think it’s number one in the media base and on the radio in dance music, number 10 or 15 on Billboard so it’s insane. I didn’t even really notice until yesterday so it’s a really nice thing to know. It’s really going off in the sets, like people singing along and stuff…which is awesome because it’s a new genre diversification for me, like a future bass kind of style. I played it for the first time here in New York and immediately a blog started to write about it stating something like, “What is Afrojack doing?” To see how it’s working out is insane.

Every track has a story behind it and I know you and David have been friends for a while now too. How did this track come about?

As a producer, I’m doing so many songs a year. 99% of the songs don’t even come out. For me when people ask you “How did this track come about?” all I can say is that it’s like a gut feeling. Esther writes about what she feels and we make the melodies to what we feel. Music is about feelings so if you feel it, then you know. I feel that words would just deteriorate whatever the actual meaning is…like on the last drop, when it builds one more time right before the break goes up, it’s like a moment of release. Any words I put to that music wouldn’t be strong enough to raise the power of it, which is definitely why I make music and not write books.

Not too many producers are on the Forbes list but you are. Your birthday is also coming up soon – how do you put it all together? What can be given to someone that has two of everything? Perhaps another hot sportscar?

Funny thing is…we’ve been through just about everything. We’ve been through a lot of fun sh*t, you want to be able to give that back to other people. That’s the greatest gift there is. So, for my birthday I’m throwing a big party where I’ll be performing but I’m also bringing some friends that usually don’t perform in Holland. It’s me trying to bring together everything I’ve been through around the world to my hometown and present that to ten thousand people. That itself is also a gift.

So it’s not as much as for you but rather it’s for them? 


Well it’s the same thing with these guys, you know. I get to play and make my own music and the only thing that is greater than living that dream is making other people live their own dreams and making them come true. That’s honestly the coolest sh*t there is.

    Apart from DJing, you’re also the CEO of your own label Wall Recordings. I’m sure you get thousands of submissions, tracks and emails a day…so how does it get to a point where you go “this is an artist I want to bring on”? Is it a look and a vibe or is it more of a gut feeling?   It’s a certain understanding. Of course, the music needs to be on point and there has to be a certain skill, experience level…but it’s mostly the work ethic. It’s if they understand this lifestyle. Do you get that you have to sleep three hours a night and work sixteen hours a day to become successful? A lot of people say yes but then it’s 3 or 4AM during a session and they’ll say “Yo I’m kind of tired, you mind if I skip out early?”…Sure. Just know that while you’re skipping out early, the rest of the world will catch up. It’s like an infinite race. There are people that get that naturally, those are the people I want to work with. The people that don’t even think about resting. I mean what the f*ck am I going do? Play Playstation? I could do that when I’m 50. I love my Playstation don’t get me wrong, I go on it for an hour, two max a week. I remember in December I really wanted to play Final Fantasy V but I didn’t get to play it until three months later. I got on, played for three minutes and then had to run back to the studio, never played it again. Make a difference in your life and get out there and work for everything. That’s how you make a difference.  

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Interview was conducted by Kristine Kennedy and Michael Beas