Kai Maynard is ALEPH, and ALEPH is innovation. An alternative-electronic producer with little interest in sound templates, ALEPH makes music for non-conformists. Although a relatively fresh face in the music industry, ALEPH is far from novice. He made his major-label debut on Mat Zo’s celebrated record label MAD ZOO with his wicked cut “OMEN” followed by his double-sided single “Semblance” and “Inbetween” co-produced alongside former Bristol duo Ekcle. Continuing his steadfast ascent to nationwide acclaim, ALEPH just announced his debut album EGO DEATH released via Renraku Global. Ahead of the anticipated LP comes the project’s lead single “POLYMER.” A riveting track with geometric soundscapes and complex sound design, “POLYMER” is at once explosive and enchanting. A formless ride through sharpened synths and deep basslines, this ALEPH original sets a fiery stage for his debut LP. Speaking on his recent efforts ALPEH says, “I’ve abandoned genre and template long ago and will always strive to write music not bound by tradition, culture, or structure. I have an infinite canvas of sound to paint with, I just want to see how far I can take it.” Listen to “POLYMER” ahead of EGO DEATH today.