This one will send chills down your spine and it fills with you an almost euphoric vibes that that only a master producer can pull off… Download and stream it today party people and let it take your breath away. Full Support from us at Raver Mag. 

Chicago-native ALIGN brings us into a world of magic and exploration in his newest single “Found,” available for purchase and streaming Wednesday, May 1. Following his steady releases of “Play It Cool” and “Over You,” ALIGN’s newest track is the first track from his forthcoming debut EP, Intertwine. Full of downtempo beats and ambient soundscapes, “Found” is a track that will inspire you to go out and go after what you’ve always wanted.

“‘Found’ is a track that represents feelings of hopefulness. To me. this embodies the sensation of finding what you’ve been searching for. Elements of ‘Found’ contain calmness yet hold a sense of excitement at the same time. I hope that ‘Found’ is something that listeners can collect their thoughts to, as well as relax and have a good time.” – ALIGN

So far in his young career, ALIGN has already appeared alongside the likes of Illenium, Autograf, Thomas Jack, SNBRN and GTA among others. Additionally, his collaboration “All in Our Eyes” with fellow Chicago artist Mielo reached #1 on HypeMachine in 2018. Watch this space for ALIGN’s debut EP Intertwine, releasing soon.

About ALIGN:

Originating out of Chicago, IL, James Fisher – better known as ALIGN, creates thought provoking music for the everyday listener. Breaking into the scene with original tracks like ‘Daydreaming,’ ALIGN has collaborated with the likes of Blookah and Mielo to imagine mood altering, atmospheric sounds that set a perfect backdrop to take your mind somewhere else. From your daily commute to a night out with friends, this is your soundtrack. These tunes will have your feet moving and your day cruising. In his career’s infancy, ALIGN has already appeared alongside industry leaders such as Thomas Jack, SNBRN, Vanic, Loud Luxury and GTA. He has appeared at multiple venues at home in Chicago as well as in Iowa City and Des Moines, IA. He is eager to share his music with the willing ears of the public. Keep an ear to the ground and your eyes peeled; the future is bright for ALIGN. Stay sharp or you just might find yourself joining the #Alignment.

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