Kittrix Releases ‘All Famous,’ On Insomniac’s Discovery Project Label

    Kittrix has a look and style that’s all here own. This is most likely one of several factors that have impacted her growth as of late. “All Famous,” is signed and released by Insomniac’s Discovery Project, a moment that’s no doubt validating, but also allows the sound to reach a fitting audience. There’s are components built into the release that play as a positive when performed live. Kittrix had the moment to do just this, her having played EDC Las Vegas in 2022, and “All Famous,” being included in her set.

    Kittrix has been supported by names like Oliver Heldens, Mat Zo, Adventure Club, BlackGummy and Ardalan. The stamp of approval from such A-list names cementing the fact more so that she is far from a one-hit wonder.

    Kittrix has this to share in relation to the release of “All Famous.”

    “When asked about the production of “All Famous” Kittrix said, “I wanted it to be able to represent anyone, anywhere, and that any person could cry-sing it to the people next to them and feel like the words are coming from within themselves. All Famous means a lot to me, it came from a special place, and I hope it can bring a little happiness to the world”

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