Andrew Rayel

 Exclusive Interview Exchange Nightclub – Los Angeles, California Raver Magazine by RobRoyLA

Photography by Nhan Tran


Andrew Rayel, one of Electronic Music’s top artists, has continued to dominate the scene since his previous artist album, “Find your Harmony.” Andrew has continued to put out collaborations with a full range of artists and dominated stages worldwide. His latest artist single, “Winterburn”, a collaboration with Digital X featuring the vocals of Sylvia Tosun, has continued to stay on top of the music charts. We had the chance to catch up with Andrew Rayel for a brief interview in Los Angeles at Exchange LA in the heart of Los Angeles, alongside having a sit-down interview where he gives us a little insight into his new upcoming track and what he has coming up for this year! Andrew, just want to thank you for sitting down with us before your set. You’re here in LA – how are you doing? – Glad to be here in Los Angeles, which is one of my favorite cities. I enjoy the LA vibe very much, and connecting again with the Rayel family, which I know is in full support out here tonight. I am truly grateful for all my fans that come from all over the world to see me play. My message to them always is ‘Thank You’ from the bottom of my heart. I’m really feeling pumped right now; my last show in LA was one of the best shows that I have performed in. Exchange has always been good to me and I thank them for always taking care of me with the utmost respect. -Congratulations on your latest hit (“Winterburn”) which is topping the music charts. How are you feeling about the reaction you’ve been getting with this latest track? -Thank you very much, I was very happy with the feedback that I have received globally, but this was not a one-man project – my good friend Digital X was the one that put it all together and we added the vocals from the amazing Sylvia. She truly perfected the song, and as such I’m definitely happy for their support. All I can say is that there is much more to come and follow soon. -You’ve recently just got one ASOT done in Toronto; how did your night go with the ASOT Team? -I had a great time with them, the whole Armada crew. They have such great staff and they always make it very accommodating, so I am definitely happy about that.  I am proud to announce myself as being on the Armada Artists roster.  I’m very thankful for Armin Van Buuren – he saw my passionate drive and gave me the opportunity to showcase my music. I am eternally grateful for his wisdom and his teaching. -Last time we chatted, we were talking about the progress of your new artist’s album; what’s the status with that and what can you tell us… album name? artist colabs? Can you give us a little clue, perhaps? -Well, what I am allowed to tell you is that things are going great with the planning and everything. I’m still trying to create more sounds to add. I don’t want to hold anything back from the next artist album. I have the passion and drive to make it the next best artist album in my portfolio. -Can you give us a little hint, when we are expected to hear this next artist album be released to the public? -Well, with all the coordination and a busy tour schedule going for the album, it’s coming along.  Hopefully, by the end of the year, it should be ready for the Rayel family and everyone to grab! -When coming to Los Angeles, what is one of your favorite things to do in the city – when you have the time, of course? -Well, of course, every time I come to LA, I always like hitting up the different sights I know. LA is way too huge to try to get around it in one day; everyone in the city of Los Angeles is so busy and on the move all the time. I like it that way and honestly couldn’t ask for another city to spend a few days off in, and just enjoying all that California has to offer. -Well, Andrew I want to thank you on behalf of Raver Magazine for your time, and this interview, most. Is  there anything you would like to say to your Rayel family before we close out? -Well, first off, I want to say thank you for always sticking behind me in my music, my direction of music. Most important to me is feeling the energy every night from the people that come and see me play. I am happy to know that you enjoy my sounds and performances that I pour my heart into, time and time again. ‘HOPE TO SEE YOU SOMEWHERE AROUND THE Globe’ – AR Get Social With Andrew:  Soundcloud: Website: Facebook: Twitter:     ]]>