Exclusive Interview with The Mozart of Dance Music  Mr.  Andrew Rayel 

Emily Tan Press Event Miami Music Week 

by Hannah Carlson 

Photos by Michael Beas

The buzz around the room during the Emily Tan exclusive press event at Miami Music Week was surrounding the highly anticipated release of Andrew Rayel and his new album titled ‘Moments.’ On Andrew’s website http://andrewrayel.com  you can pre-order your copy and get a sneak peak into what we believe will be an album that will top the Billboard Charts soon after its release. While the buzz that night was hot with so many press events going on, we really wanted to connect and get some deep insight into an artist that we believe is one of the best producers in the world today. Below is a sneak peak into the mind of a master producer… Hannah: How is Miami Music Week treating you so far?  Andrew Rayel: I came in and immediately started doing a surprise guest set, also played with Armin Van Buuren and of course I am looking forward to playing my set at Ultra. There is no time to chill, it’s all interviews and working until Sunday then I start the ‘Moments’ tour in Vegas. https://youtu.be/52kQRaIzOck Hannah: Are you excited to perform at Ultra?  Andrew Rayel: Ultra is always exciting! I’ll be premiering a lot of new music this year from the ‘Moment’s album. I also have a couple of collaborations with some trance vocal artists that I am excited about. I truly hope that everyone is ready as much as me to finally get this album out!   Hannah: So the scoop is fans have the option of pre-ordering the ‘Moments’ album?  Andrew Rayel: Yes, if you decide to pre-order now you get some instant gratifications; fans get a chance to get a signed copy! The first 100 people will get a signed copy of the CD. Having that physical copy, for a true fan, is really important to me. Obviously there are versions on Itunes, and I obviously can’t sign your computer ha, ha. But, in all seriousness I feel it’s very important for my fans and they have been asking for it. It’s not a financial saver but you have to invest your fans if you want them to invest in you. Hannah: Do you have a lot of fans come up to you? Is it ever annoying?  Andrew Rayel: O yeah tons! Walking from the Miami hotel lobby to do this interview I took like twenty pictures with fans! It’s not really annoying, I take time after shows to take pictures and say hi to fans. But there are also venues that do not allow you to stay after a certain time. There was one club event that I ended early so I could take pictures with my fans afterwards and it got past closing time and the security guard was very upset with me for staying so late and keeping a crowd in the venue. The security guard was fighting with me for taking pictures for too long. The promoter was in the middle of us trying to break it up and yeah it was bad ha. Hannah: You’re 24 years old, how do you maintain your character through all these years of performing?  Andrew Rayel: If you are an inspirational artist thriving in the music industry, then you need to be humble and have a great heart! I have to admit it is probably because of my family and friends’. My parents always allowed me to do anything and my mom knew that every time you don’t allow your child to do something they will want to do it. ‘don’t eat chocolate, you want to eat chocolate’, I realized I didn’t have tension to not do anything so I did what I wanted with the support I needed from the most amazing people in my life.   Hannah: Would say that your family are your number one supporters?  Andrew Rayel: Yes my mother has always supported me, I am from Moldova; Eastern Europe, a very poor country so we didn’t have a lot when I was growing up but I really wanted to get into music. My mom borrowed money from her boss and she bought me my first piano and basic computer so I could do this. I am really thankful for them. When I am done with a track and need reviews I send them to my brother, he is an artist manager in Eastern Europe. He was really involved in the music industry and I saw his passion so I love to encourage him.   Hannah: How do you keep up your diet on tour?  Andrew Rayel: I have a very sensitive stomach, I have a strict diet because of allergies but I am a fighter. In the last two weeks I have removed two wisdom teeth. Doesn’t matter though this is my work and I love it. There is no time to take off or to lie out and remove my wisdom teeth. I am on a go, go, go schedule. Three days after I took the first tooth out I was in Tel Aviv and I told the lighting guys to turn off the lights in the DJ booth so no one could see my swollen face ha.   Hannah: What are your plans after the ‘Moments’ tour?  Andrew Rayel: Well people send me music and I’m talking with Armada Music to try to open my own label under Armada Music. It would make sense to sign all those tracks under my name and label. That’s the next step after this tour. We have worked so long and hard on this tour. I had a hand in every part of this album, even the artwork for the album cover. I am always nervous about releases but we had some people listen to it and had good feedback from it so it should be a great tour starting in US, Europe, Asia then Australia!   Hannah: When do you know you are successful with a track?  Andrew Rayel: When people are singing along with your track. You have to give it time to breathe and give people time to listen to the track on repeat to memorize the lyrics. Hannah: When you produce a song how do you know you are done with the track?  Andrew Rayel: ‘That’s the thing about artists, our tracks are never done’. But you have to learn to stop at some point. You could improve it but after a certain time you are improving on things people won’t really care about. It’s just for you at that point to find peace. We make music in thousand dollar studios but people listen to the track with ten-dollar headphones.

Coming Soon!

May 5th 2017

Tracklist for ‘Moments’

1. Moments [3:21] 2. I’ll Be There (feat. Eric Lumiere) [5:51] 3.All Systems Down (feat. KhoMha) [4:35] 4. Once In A Life Time Love (feat. Kristina Antuna) [3:39] 5. My Reflection (feat. Emma Hewitt) [4:46] 6. Forgiven (feat. Jonathan Mendelson) [3:12] 7. Heavy Love (with Max Vangeli feat. Kye Sones) [4:46] 8. Home (feat. Jonathan Mendelson) [4:07] 9. Take It All (feat. Hansen Tomas) [4:12] 10. Let It Be Forever [4:20] 11. Back To The Moment [3:53] 12. Lighthouse (feat. Christina Novelli) [4:59] 13. Never Let Me Go (feat. Angelika Vee) [5:32] 14. Tacadum [4:37] 15. Winterburn (feat. Digital X, Geert Huinink & Sylvia Tosun) [3:19]

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