Forging a bridge between indie-rock and modern dance music, ANIMÁL is likened to the pioneering sounds of RATATAT and Explosions In The Sky. Their debut single “Let Me Down,” garnered the attention of live-electronic music fans across the nation. The duo’s musical pendulum swings between edgy electric-guitar melodies, breezy digital synths, and carefully selected vocal samples. A mirage of dance music and poetic alternative-rock, the free-flowing nature of their signature style is born from the meticulous fusion of two genres. Following the well-received release of “Let Me Down,” and “A Place In The Sun” ANIMÁL is expected to launch their career into stardom with Flight. With compositional skills that soar far beyond the means of mainstream EDM, ANIMÁL is indie music’s newest musical genius. A distinguished12-track triumph, each track blends seamlessly into the next. Each song is an orchestra of atmospheric cadences that stand as individual masterpieces. Listen to Flight today.

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