Promoting high-spirits in the chaotic intersections of NYC, ANIMÁL hypnotizes the crowded veins of their city via their new single “A Place In The Sun.” A narcotic and enchanting track that stands as the second single to their album Flight, ANIMÁL’s latest is an atmospheric indie-electro gem outlined with golden hues. Boasting a signature resonance that feels almost holy, “A Place In The Sun” is stitched together with a romantic melody that compliments the divinely feminine vocal samples. Lengthy synths and drumline-style kicks make up the DNA of this shimmering track, solidifying the twosome as chemists of emotive music.

“This is the last track off our upcoming album Flight. We wrote it with the intention of it closing out the record – it builds a sort of energy and emotion that just kind of fit the project.  It also represents a turning point for us from a songwriting perspective. When we heard it for the first time the project made a lot more sense and provided a solid bookend for us to work with. It combines the electronic, orchestral and rock influences that are scattered throughout the rest of our music. It’s a bit of an odd song to release on its own without the context of the entire album, but we just like the track so thought why not?” – ANIMÁL