Hailing from the eye of the COVID-19 storm in Brooklyn, New York, indie-electronic duo ANIMÁL pushes through the chaos to unveil their first-ever single “Let Me Down.” This live-electronic outfit explores subgenres that extend far beyond the realm of standard dance music. Using live instrumentation to parallel their digital dexterity, “Let Me Down” is an effortless blend of electric guitar and grandiose dance music. Swathed in a welcoming tenor, this milestone release is the first look into ANIMÁL’s forthcoming album Flight. Co-produced by pluko, the Brooklyn duo is breaking onto the scene holding nothing back. A wavy and all-encompassing sound, “Let Me Down” yields a timeless, classic sound that is impossible to duplicate. A new and resounding presence has entered the EDM atmosphere; well balanced and impressive to boot, ANIMÁL is only just getting started. Listen below.