Anonymous Producer DVRKO Unveils Comprensive Debut Album “Undone”

    Following the release of Mean Something, masked entity DVRKO returns with a maze of elusive tracks on their debut album Undone. Claiming to hail from a post-apocalyptic civilization that’s on the horizon for humanity, DVRKO communicates with today’s society using the power of their futuristic muse. Out now via L3V3L, Undone is an electrifying display of this DVRKO’s cryptic, signified style of story-telling and production. 

    Weaving the pulsating abilities of deep house with the psychedelic flair of progressive house, Undone delves deep into DVRKO’s multifarious sound design. Bustling with animated tenor, Undone is a sonic concoction of captivating basslines and lucid vocals, hypnotizing listeners with its metaphysical make-up. This thirteen-track album combines DVRKO’s enigmatic force with a slew of notable artists such as Jules, Rama Duke, RUNN, Blossom, SIRAH, Tyler Graves, and Forbes. A meticulously fabricated composition, Undone marks a pertinent milestone in DVRKO’s growing career. 

    “It’s been a goal of mine to create a beautiful piece of work to really show people what DVRKO is all about, this was initially supposed to be an EP (5 songs) and as I fell into months of creation it birthed itself into a full length album. I created the album at my home studio on loads of modular and vintage synths. Had the opportunity to work with some amazing vocalists, Rama Duke, RUNN, Tyler Graves and SIRAH. 

    Ultimately I did what felt good and honest to me, feel good house records for the exception of the hard hitting “Talk That Shit” with SIRAH which is prob one of my favs from the body of work. 

    Coming back from performing at EDC I was so inspired it just came naturally. I’ve been working really hard building modular synths and sound design..” DVRKO 

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