Apollo XO and Tanner Dixon come together to create a house track that fuses multiple influences for a magnificent, genre-bending track that instantaneously catches the ear. Both stylistically versatile and extremely accessible, ‘MetaMora’ promises itself a sensation in a packed club or the perfect backing track to a day’s work, managing to deliver something for every set of ears, not an easy thing to do by any means.
Right from the get-go the pair’s masterly use of percussive lines immediately implements sharp and energic tones, paving the way for the remainder of the record. Drawing from elements of acid house and techno house, the wobbly and gurgling bassline creates a consistent rhythm as well adding to the already psychedelic backdrop of assertive synths and hypnotic percussion. Smooth, buoyant vocals layer over their corresponding instrumentation, the female samples providing a sharper, catchier element to the song. The end result is a surprisingly introspective experience that takes the listener on a hallucinogenic adventure they’ll absolutely want to return to again and again.
‘MetaMora’ certainly delivers a trippy tech-house cut that’s difficult not to enjoy, not least by Apollo XO himself: “Super stoked to release this song because it blends a few genres we really love and is something you can listen to/play while you’re cleaning the house or partying in a club. Definitely excited for everybody to hear this tune!”
Having already performed on the same stage as the likes of DJ Snake, Diplo, Kaskade and more, and with a fervent desire to straddle as many genres as possible with his music, Apollo XO’s future within the US dance scene is looking increasingly bright. Whether you’re looking for the sweaty, dripping, hedonistic underground after-party circuit or the biggest venues in the land, if you’re looking to dance, Apollo XO has you covered – and then some.
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