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Armada CEO Maykel Piron is one of the most powerful men in electronic music. He kicked off his new radio show: Armada Next. Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos has the scoop.

Piron has always been looking to push the envelope on a personal and a professional basis, or he recently launched the new radio show called Armada Next. This weekly radio show is a great way for the Armada label head to share his excitement, passions, and vision with the rest of the music world.

Particularly impressive about this show is that it is hosted and curated by the label CEO himself, along with his co-host Ben Malone, who is the label manager of Armada Music U.K. This one-hour show will be broadcast each Sunday on Sirius XM prior to hitting such platforms as Mixcloud, SoundCloud, YouTube, and Facebook.

The first episode of Armada Next may be seen on YouTube below. It was mixed live in the recording studio in Armada’s headquarters in The Netherlands.

Each episode of Armada Next displays new music and undiscovered gems. It will consist of exclusive features and premieres, a “Track Of The Week” and an Armada Music classic; moreover, it highlights Piron’s picks of next-gen records and peak-time anthems.

Regarding this new radio show, Maykel Piron remarked, “Making radio and mixing records is something that I always loved doing and always wanted to do again.”

He noted that when the guys from Sirius XM told him that they would love to see him do a radio show, he knew that he had to pick up making radio again. “I think Armada Next is a great way for me to share my vision, musical taste, and love for dance music with the world. I can’t wait to see how this new endeavor will unfold,” he acknowledged.

To learn more about Armada Music, check out its official website.

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