‘As The Rush Comes’ By Motorcycle Is Brought Up To Speed by A Trio Of Talents

    “As The Rush Comes,” goes above and beyond any expectations that could of been set out for it. Achilles, Lister, and Jesse Lee Thetford are the ones to thank when it comes to the unique action that is at hand with this one. Motorcycle is the original original craftsman of this track, creating the trance classic back in the early 2000’s. Now it’s been brought up to modern times with a twist.

    The design of this cover takes advantage of the globalized time we live in today, with the producers, Achilles and Lister, being based in Melbourne, but Thetford, being states based.

    The track boast an intoxicating feel, synth-work and hypnotic percussion sedating the senses while Thetford takes over with her topline. The three names here have certainly done justice to what the original laid down.

    This track can be heard in full below.

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