Atlanta-Based Producer JD Farrell Lands On Purified With ‘Moccasin’

    Following his label debut, Reservoir, with Sam Wolfe in 2021, Atlanta-based producer JD Farrell lands on Purified Records once again with a powerful cut titled Moccasin.

    Opening in an emphatic fashion, JD sets a dramatic atmosphere with thunderous synths and heavy percussion. Introducing soaring vocals, juxtaposed with hard-hitting instrumentals, Moccasin exudes a powerful presence from the get-go. Tried and tested in JD Farrell’s recent shows, his latest creation keeps listeners engaged by building tension through a perfectly balanced array of light and dark elements.
    Spending the last year honing his production skills and heightening his passion for sound design, Atlanta-based producer JD Farrell is ready to showcase the results of his studio sessions. Making a huge release debut in 2021 with his mammoth collaboration Reservoir alongside Sam Wolfe, the duo displayed their undeniable synergy and impressive production abilities. Sharing the decks with industry legends, including Alan Walker, Cristoph, Duke Dumont and many more, his energetic sets have taken him all around North America, and he is destined to share his authoritative sound with audiences around the rest of the globe.

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