ATLIENS and SVDDEN DEATH Unveil Diabolic New Single, “Purgatory”

    Two of electronic music’s most in-demand acts combine for their explosive collab, “Purgatory.” ATLIENS and SVDDEN DEATH need no intro to most lovers of bass music. Individually, the duo and solo artist have respectively proven their mettle through years of eclectic releases, explosive shows, and rapidly growing fanbases around the globe. “Purgatory” starts off slow, setting the tone for a drop that shakes listeners to their very core. While ATLiens and SVDDEN DEATH have co-existed in the same circles for years, “Purgatory” is their first-ever official collaboration, stoking the flames of dubstep fans worldwide.

    “I never planned on this track being released, as it was a quick WIP the Aliens sent me during quarantine to work on right before my EDC set in 2020. Over two years after the track was played out during my EDC stream, fans seemed to still be tagging us in it and the hype continued to grow. So when the Aliens asked if they could release it a couple years later…I was hesitant at first, but after we worked on it some more and upgraded it a bit, I said, “F*** it, let’s do it’ – and I’m finally happy with the result and stoked for everyone to hear it.” 


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