Atrak Releases Insane 77-Minute Cut It Out 2 DJ Mix


Atrak @ EDC Orlando 2017 | Photo by Omar Negrin

Atrak is someone in our dance community who has refused to forget about the music that he holds close to his heart, regardless of genre sub-category. The heavily lauded turntablist and Grammy-nominated producer has dropped an insanely dope 77-minute DJ Mix appropriately named Cut It Out 2, a follow up to the first one back in early 2017. The mix features everything from hip-hop, deep/tech house, techno, soul, trap and everything in between, flaunting a colorful tapestry of music we wouldn’t hear in a regular Atrak set.

So many producers and DJs these days call themselves “versatile” but Atrak is one of the few that sets the standard when it comes to musical flexibility as seen in Cut It Out 2. He has a subconscious familiarity with all the music he comes across, knowing which songs would sound well together even if it seems odd at first. His Wild Boots (A-Trak Mash), which incorporates the deep house sounds of Moon Boots vs DJ Khaled & Rihanna, was placed halfway through the mix and serves as a perfect reference point to what he’s accomplishing with this mix. Indie and alternative staples Washed Out and Alt-J were included along with house favorites Duke Dumont, Boston Bun and Tchami. However, what really heightened Cut It Out 2 was the thoughtful transitioning in and out of hip-hop and rap lyrics in the first half with vocal nods to Migos, A$AP Rocky and Snap Dogg

The most impressive moment for me personally was when he combined Cobalt 60 from Freek, Badboy by the BassBrothers and Pharaoh by The Upbeats & Ivy Lab, finishing off with overlayed vocals from Roc Marciano in Better Know. Drum & Bass is surging back into the U.S. dance music scene and this phenomenal example by Atrak gives little room for excuses when it comes to incorporating it back into DJ sets this year. 

“I recorded this during a day off on Holy Ship,” says A-Trak of the mix. “I wanted to include a bunch of music I listen to but don’t get to play enough in my sets. I like to sway between genres…don’t get seasick.” Here’s to cutting out musical mediocrity and striving to be better DJs, producers and listeners, thank you for this treat Atrak!