AWAY Releases Haunting Music Video for “Sleepwalker”

(feat. London Thor)

via Lowly Palace

The visual counterpart to LA based producers AWAY’s single “Sleepwalker” featuring London Thor is out now via Trap Nation’s Lowly Palace imprint. The track has garnered 2 millions streams to date, and has been fulfilled with a captivatingly haunting music video. To say the least this is a weekend vibe you do not want to miss out on. From start to finish AWAY does just that… It takes you away and lets face it, sometimes all we want to do is escape and slide away to the sound of a dope track that will leave you begging and wanting more. That is what this track, this video, this element did for us at Raver Mag and it definitely comes highly recommend for all…

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From conception to execution, there is very little that passes by AWAY’s meticulous attention to detail – To him, his artistry is everything.  “Sleepwalker” embodies that very mindset more so than any of his previous works, with his newest single showcasing the musical technicality and emotional awareness that belies his edgy brand aesthetic. “Sleepwalker is a song about the different emotions you experience when someone leaves your life unexpectedly.

Confusion, sadness, apathy, and anger,” he said in reference to his release. His ultimate goal is to create music that people will feel and remember, to establish his AWAY moniker as a project that is his fully authentic and serves as an expression of vulnerability, and his personal truths. With releases like “Sleepwalker” blurring the lines between genres and challenging the status quo, he is well on his way.

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