badxyou And 8485 Collab On Infectious Single ‘Better’

    Sharing the mission of breaking down barriers across electronic music, badxyou is a rising artist that has cultivated an unprecedented production style over the years. This group blends mesmerizing synths, transcendent sequences of drum & bass, and pop-punk rhythms to grab the attention of anyone in the auditory range of their music. During this past summer, badxyou went viral with their groundbreaking single “Discord Nitro”. The extraordinary project included badxyou’s debut music video on Discord.

    Now, with October being Mental Health Awareness Month, badxyou has decided to team up with emo-pop sensation 8485 on their brand new single “Better”. This release is driven by a sentimental narrative; badxyou frontman Andy confronts his bipolar disorder head-on. Praising their fellow artist, badxyou says, “8485 is one of our favorite vocalists. After we made this record, we knew we wanted somebody that sounded pure, with an angelic type of voice. 8485 is exactly that.

    Encompassing a penetrating beat and dreamy guitar riffs, “Better” heavily resembles The Killers’ “Mr. Brightside”. 8485 brings powerful emo lyricism into the track, which symbolizes going through a toxic relationship. This dynamic song pushes its audience to reflect on their own hardships and personal struggles throughout their life, serving as a medium for mental health support. Via its cutting-edge sound design and compelling message, “Better” marks pivotal point in badxyou and 8485’s artistic journeys.

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