Barbuto Releases ‘Techno Colour Dreams EP’ on Mavic Music

    Back in his native Australia for the first time in over two decades following a twenty-five-year stint living in the USA, Antipodean producer, DJ and label boss Barbuto is a man on a mission. Boasting a slew of hugely successful releases on the likes of Octopus Recordings, Tronic, Phobiq, Unity, OFF Recordings, Transmit Recordings and his own Mavic Music imprint over the past few years, the Sydney-born talent now looks to grab 2022 by the horns as he unveils his latest musical offering, Techno Colour Dreams.

    Released via his burgeoning label Mavic Music alongside a trio of remixes from some of the most exciting up-and-coming artists on the Australian circuit, Techno Colour Dreams is a veritable masterclass in modern, driving techno, courtesy of a producer at the very top of his game right now. Inaugurating the four-part package with the uncompromising title track Techno Colour Dreams, Barbuto’s relentless opener exudes raw, energetic dynamism across its six-minute duration as he combines pulsating basslines and cutting-edge production techniques with MC Flipside’s inimitable spoken word topline to open his 2022 catalogue in emphatic fashion.

    Speaking about the record, Barbuto commented:

    “This track exudes my signature sound of deep, chugging, heavy techno beats with simple, bold impacts and riffs; it’s a track that can be played at any time of the night but will also sound cool in the car. I was really pleased with the instrumental but when MC Flipside added his vocal story on top, it really brought the whole thing to life. We are super happy with the end result, as well as the embedded message in the vocal. The definition of chemistry on the dancefloor makes our bodies move. Techno Colour Dreams!”

    The remainder of the EP sees Barbuto flex his A&R muscles for the first time this year, as he enlists three hotly tipped Australian producers each to put their inimitable spin on the resounding opener.

    First up to the plate is enigmatic Sydney-based artist Mike Turing. Returning to Mavic Music for the first time since the critically acclaimed release of his three-part Klash EP back in July 2021, Turing pulls out all the stops for his first official remix of the year, as he combines dark, stripped back basslines with hypnotic synths and MC Flipside’s stirring lyrics to deliver an immense techno juggernaut primed for those early warehouse hours. A hard-hitting production and arguably the most upfront remix on the EP, Mike Turing’s impressive diversity as a producer continues to shine through, as he adds to his flourishing career discography with yet another huge dancefloor weapon.

    Next up is the one and only Lisa May. Originally from a small town in New South Wales called Nabiac, May is a DJ-producer who’s achievements have earned her residencies at some of the most prestigious festivals and events on the Australian calendar. Starting out life as a hard dance producer signed to the likes of QDance and Gearbox Digital, Lisa now lands on Mavic Music with her more techno leaning sound as she delivers a flawless peak time cut replete with undulating basslines, relentless kicks and her unmistakable production flair.

    Last but by no means least and bringing the package to an impressive finale, Barubuto hands the reigns to rising Aussie star, Ludovic. An esteemed purveyor of the new wave of house and techno that’s been sweeping across Australia over the past few years, Ludovic’s bold interpretation explores a more melodic timbre to Barbuto’s original and the previous two remixes, as he introduces mesmerising harmonies and energetic polyrhythms to close out another incredible EP release on Mavic Music.

    Barbuto – Techno Colour Dreams feat. MC Flipside (feat. Remixes from Mike Turing, Lisa May and Ludovic) is out now via Mavic Music.


    1. Barbuto – Techno Colour Dreams feat. MC Flipside (Original Mix)
    2. Barbuto – Techno Colour Dreams feat. MC Flipside (Mike Turing Mix)
    3. Barbuto – Techno Colour Dreams feat. MC Flipside (Lisa May (AUS) Remix)
    4. Barbuto – Techno Colour Dreams feat. MC Flipside (Ludovic (AUS) Remix)

    About Barbuto:

    Things really took off for Barbuto in 2015 after his first release on Octopus Recordings, attracting the likes of Enrico Sangiuliano who eventually remixed his follow up EP Vanta Black. That same year Barbuto appeared in the paper edition of DJ Mag who came across a set of his from Coda in Toronto touting it as one of the best sets they heard all year. Labels including Octopus, Tronic, Phobiq, Nervous Records, OFF, Unity and Transmit amongst several others have released Barbuto’s music which attracted the attention of mainstay artists like, Spektre, Black Asteroid and Loco & Jam who all signed up for remix duties. Since then, Barbuto has played sets around the world from Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Malta, Amsterdam, Berlin, Sydney, Melbourne and dozens of places in between. Now, after 25 years based in the United States, Barbuto returns to his homeland to re-establish himself as an Aussie artist focusing on playing around the Australian shores. Barbuto will be working closely with up and coming artists on his Mavic Music label and touring under the popular We Love Agency brand led by Sydney’s Nick Reverse.

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