On February 14, veteran singer-songwriter Barry Manilow released his highly-anticipated studio album “Night Songs II,” which coincides with Valentine’s Day.

The collection opens with the polished ballad “Everything Happens to Me,” and it is followed by “I’m Old Fashioned,” which features his rich, rumbling voice. His piano-laden rendition of “My Funny Valentine” is enthralling and superb.

It is followed by the smooth “I Had the Craziest Dream” and the harking “She Was Too Good to Me,” as well as the nonchalant “Meditation.” Other glorious tunes include “Moonlight Becomes You” and “Lush Life.”

After “Little Girl Blue,” it closes with “Polka Dots and Moonbeams” and on a poignant note with “We’ll Be Together Again.”

Night Songs II is available on Apple Music and on Spotify.

The Verdict

Overall, Barry Manilow shines on Night Songs II. His voice is controlled, crisp and resonant; moreover, there is something in it for everybody since each song on this hypnotic album is distinct and well-crafted. Manilow proves that he is a true song stylist. This collection garners an A rating.

To learn more about Barry Manilow and his music, check out his official homepage.