by Charlotte Vosbeck

Jared Becker and Gannon Daynes founded their company, Baserock, in early 2016 on the central coast of California.   Being music lovers themselves they spoke with hundreds of people when developing a design for their innovative backpack. The final product came out to be a hydration backpack with a built in microphone that picks up songs and allows users to physically feel the music they are listening to. It works by vibrating bass frequencies through the body of the user. Personally, I think this is a seriously cool invention that could further the experience of every music festival attendee.

The backpack was not only used to enhance music at music festivals though. The backpack actually has an aux cable as well so you can plug your phone in and experience music in a whole new way while you’re on the go. Imagine riding your bike or going on a hike while simultaneously enjoying music in a revolutionary way. The launch community of the backpack took it even further and made it a full life experience backpack, not only just for music festivals.

I think the backpack is not only great for creating an experience for a festival goer but also to enhance the active life for every person who buys a Baserock backpack. The company will launch a $10,000 Kickstarter campaign; which will be the initial run of manufacturing for the company. People who are interested in the innovative backpack will be able to get one starting Tuesday June 13 at Personally I am going to have to check things out come May because this backpack seems like a game changer.

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