Interview by Michael Beas

Continuing to venture down the path of musical celebration, FTampareleases the second of track within his very own November Madness. FTampa’s run of releases sees the proud Brazilian DJ revel in his colourful take on EDM. As the second part of the tale, EDM Rox, is a dynamically gusty trackthat demands the resurgence.

FTampais the Brazilian sensation that’s behind Who We Are, Glowing, Magical and more. Used to casually laying down tracks with millions of streams on Spotify alone, FTampais clearly drawn to high-octane club releases that boast hurtling bass and sky-high synth lines. As the owner of a unique sound, FTampa’s iconic production has filled the most sought-after stage spots including Rock in Rio Las Vegas, Tomorrowland Brasil, Lollapalooza Brasiland Burning Man. Proud of his origins, FTampawas honoured to be the first Brazilian to grace the Belgium Tomorrowlandmainstage.

After 18 months fans were thirsty for more club heavy big room bangers. FTampafulfils their needs by rolling out the work that he’s been patiently crafting over the months. For the first nod to Brazilian EDM, FTampawas joined byfellow Brazilian DJ Clocktape. Ironically named EDM Sux, the track brimmed with rumbling bass and excellently produced, stratospheric build ups. Released alongside the satirical video that matches FTampa’s humour, he reminds us to have fun with music and revel in the energy it can bring.

EDM Rox is the second in the trio of impressive tracks to embrace the rich background of FTampa’s Brazilian roots… Never letting the party dissipate, FTampais right on our heels with the next segment of unashamedly EDM as we head towards the last release in November Madness.

FTampaEDM Rox is out now.

We had an opportunity to catch up with FTampa, Check it Out! 

Talk to us about your latest single EDM Rox?

This single was my return to club releases after almost 2 years only releasing pop songs. I’ve been producing a lot of club songs but never thought it would make sense to release in the middle of the pop ones, but one day talking to my manager we decided to do it almost as a joke since a lot of fans are always asking for EDM and Big Room so we would do this for them but making a joke out of the situation, as if I was running away from them asking for EDM… so we released EDM sux and one week after EDM Rox as if I had surrendered to my love for EDM!


What makes Brazilian EDM special to you personal and for the EDM community? 

I’m not sure if Brazilian EDM has a special meaning for me. I see EDM as global and I love this because it breaks boundaries between countries and cultures. Brazil went through a phase of a very localized style, and shut down many EDM DJs in the past couple of years. This was interesting to develop it own local style but also hurt a lot global producers that like to play on the global scene. Fortunately I see this changing a little bit now and Brazil is now getting more open to other styles such as EDM, dubstep, trap and so on. This opened is also helping Brazilian styles to go to the world. Is good for everyone.

How did you get into producing and how did the Brazilian music sizzle play a factor in your music?

I’ve always played on bands and I was the one producing most of the songs from my room studio until  I decided to focus on my marketing career to make money. One day talking to my cousin he showed me how he was producing electronic music and that ignited the passion back again. I quit my job and started producing EDM. Took me a lot of hours of study to get back on track producing and I still study a lot. For sure being from Brazil plays a big role on my style. There are elements of music and rhythm that are very natural to me due to the type of songs I was exposed to. My new song Knee Deep has a Brazilian Funk best as it’s base if you notice.

Brazilians are so passionate about life, soccer and of course the music, especially your music. When touring in your home country whats the one thing that you feel connects most between you and the home crowd? 

I love their energy and how they go insane supporting the artists. It is great to have a crowd that really wants to feel the experience of the show and that responds to your communication on stage. I can feel this there. Is always a blast!

For those who are new to your music whats the one thing you would like them to take away from the vibe and energy that you bring?

Each song is a chapter and if you follow it you can feel the transitions and how they connect to each other. This is who I am, and this is me trying to bring some art for you so you can have fun and party hard but also for you to listen on quiet days and taste the elements of it. I really try to make a song that can transport you to that specific moment of its creation.

2018 is almost over. What plans for NYE and what plans are in the works for 2019 and beyond with FTampa Music? 

NYE will be in Brazil in the best style!m, on stage!!! 2019 will be crazy! I have a lot of productions, a new show and now I’m also producing other artists that will be released with full power throughout the year! Only good things coming up!

Bonus Question…

What is your childhood super hero and why?

Myself! I have a tattoo in my chest that say “be your own hero” witch means always try your best to do what you think is right!