Out now via Thrive Music, Benda‘s new single “Free Smoke” has bass fans jumping for joy. The Miami-native isn’t necessarily a newcomer to the scene, but there’s no denying his rapid rise to prominence over the past few years. “Free Smoke” emerges as a sneak peak into his forthcoming debut Bare Bones EP, which will drop in the near future. I was inspired to write more than ever before EDC Las Vegas, knowing that it was such a huge set for my career,” he shares “I was pumping out tracks left and right and when I was wrapping this track up I knew it was something I wanted to release to the public and not just play it out for sets.“ In essence, this one is one for the fans. Benda showcases a deft touch for manipulating aggressive soundscapes into his own style, keying in on the sounds and elements that inspired him to pursue a career as a producer from the start.

Check it out via your streaming service of choice: https://thrive.fanlink.to/FreeSmoke-b