Rising Mexican DJ/producer Benito Bazar releases his debut single ‘Back To Life’ featuring Nigerian/American soul vocalist Tinuade and to say the least it is one of the best singles of the month.  The vocals, the lyrics, the vibe and energy it emits is one that will take you to a place that you might never want to leave.

‘Back To Life’ is a reimagination of Soul II Soul’s timeless classic, co-produced by Nicky Night Time (NAATIONS / Van She) and includes rich vocal textures of Tinuade. Benito says of his release, “‘Back To Life’ has always been one of my favourite tracks and seems more relative now than ever, I wanted to give this some new life and my utmost respect to one of the best records of all time.”

Raver Magazine CEO and Founder Michael Beas had a chance to catch up Benito Bazar this past week for an exclusive interview, this is what he shared up with us.

Back to Life’ is a timeless classic that all of us can relate to, why was this track important to you personally and why was it important, to give it a fresh new take?

‘Back to Life’ has always been one of my favourite tracks, the irresistible groove and amazing vocals have always stuck with me, I was toying with the idea of doing an updated version for quite a while and during the pandemic it just all came together quite naturally.

How did you and Tinuade meet to discuss the production of the new track and with COVID in full force how did you both manage to get together to make it come to life? 

TINUADE is based in LA and I’m in Mexico City, my friend and co – producer Nicky Night Time lives in LA and recorded here and we communicated over email and phone for a few days until we got it right.

I know that things are on hold for the moment but if you could perform at any festival in the world, where would it be and why? 

Ufff, that’s a hard one, hard to pick so I’m just going to say all the european summer festivals 🙂

Now that your debut single is out, what’s next for you as a producer, are you going to be doing any virtual events, are you planning on releasing any new tracks and in general what would you like your fans, both new and old to know about you? 

We have a few remixes of Back to Life coming out soon alongside the first installment of my ‘Mezcla’ Mixtape and a short film I directed alongside Hanna Besirevic, I’m currently working on some new records that will also be accompanied by a short film etc. To be honest I’m not a massive fan of virtual events, I’d prefer to concentrate on the music and art side of things and share any type of performance in real life as soon as we get there.