Bonnaroo is Back!

    By AmberLynn Anderson

    Hey guys, long time no talk! It’s been a while since I’ve had the pleasure of writing these words…we’re back! Roo 22 is in full effect from June 16th to 19th and this year’s lineup is totally insane! Before I jump to that I just want to say that I know it’s been hard, know it’s been difficult, and I know for a fact everyone has been pushing so hard to give those precious high fives to one another back on that farm. The Bonnaroo team has been pushing so hard for the festival to happen again and we’ve hit every shit brick on the map. Everyone has been doing their part and well, and there’s not much they can do when it comes to a worldwide pandemic and a tsunami. I hold high hopes for this year though. Some food for thought though, everyone wants to get back out there but there’s such a disconnect between what’s right and what’s wrong. Personally, I feel I’ve done my part when it comes to the great C. I wash my hands, wear a mask when I can, and have gotten my vaccines and booster. Have you? How bad do you want this? How badly do you want this freedom back?

    Okay, okay, enough with the rant! Onto that fabulous lineup, so first things first, Stevie Nicks. That is all. Seriously if you don’t like Stevie, you’re fake. OR you just have bad taste in music. Not sorry! Excuse my inner hippie rage coming out, and onto the next one, The Chicks are going to be there and hopefully playing oldies but with a twist. If you aren’t aware the band changed their name when they realized there was a much deeper meaning rooted in their original band name. I give them so many props for this as well. If you have no idea who or what I’m talking about go ahead and take a deep dive into it all. I have so much respect for them! I’m sure I’ve already convinced you to get your tickets if you haven’t done so already, so click here and grab them while they last!

    The first day though, there’s a few people that caught my eye and Wreckno was one of them! He’s been my absolute favorite for a minute and his music is completely legendary and style unmatched. Although I haven’t seen Clozee live I’ve onl heard great things and really appreciate the music that’s out now! Someone I have seen live and really appreciate is SIDEPIECE, is known as Ricky Mears AKA Nitti Gritti. He’s a producer/DJ and his collaboration with Party Favor was incredible to watch in the blazing sun at Ultra a few years back. If you’re into an electro house type of vibe check em out!

    Friday is for the boys this year though! Coming in hot, we have J.Cole back on the farm alongside the most notable Illenium headlining Roo 22! God, what a mix this year, of course Bonnaroo is known for their mixture of artists but this is incredible and I’m not even close to being done. We have Robert Plant And Alison Krauss, which, wow, never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I’d see him play with Alison. Whoa! The ever amazing Disclosure is also playing that day as well as Lane8 and Tove Lo herself!

    Saturday is for everyone it appears as headliners such as Tool, Flume, and 21 Savage will be playing. If you didn’t catch Flume at Bonnaroo a few years ago here’s your chance for redemption guys! Trust me it is to DIE for! I’ve also seen Porter Robinson a few times and he’s perfect for unwinding while having a blast! A more comical side to the EDM genre is Marc Rebillet, with funky tunes, great beats and so much more. I honestly am so excited for his set! A ton of joys to come while sitting back, drinking a beer and watching Mt. Joy too! But who could ever forget growing up to the ever so iconic Ludacris?! LUDA! Yeah, Bonnaroo is taking it way back y’all! It doesn’t stop there though, All Time Low will be there as well getting their emo on and I think I’m going to faint from sheer excitement! My inner 16 year is busting out the heavy liner for this one for sure! Back to the whole reading this post, I’m sure is EDM and you guys are probably already aware that Black Tiger Sex Machine will be there, Lucii the alien herself, and one of my favorites, Said The Sky! Oh yes, oh yes.

    Last but never ever least, Sunday fun day! And yes, Sunday is for the girl’s baby! Miss Stevie Nicks will be playing then. You’re welcome! Someone for the ladies to look at, meaning Machine Gun Kelly is headlining that day too. Me being me, I can only hope I catch a glimpse of his lady and soon to be wife Megan Fox, in hopes she’ll change her mind and marry me instead. My girl, Rezz will be hitting the decks and Lord knows that’s going to be a bitchin time! I haven’t seen him in years but, G Jones is also playing and he always throws down so hard!

    Before I go, I just want to say that I love and appreciate everyone in our community for spreading so much love over the years. Although it’s been two years, three for me, I can’t wait to see you all again. Your bright and beautiful faces, those luscious high fives, the music, getting dirty while camping and all the memories we’re about to make are going to be so worth it. Remember to get your booster and stay healthy guys! From Raver to you, stay safe and be well. We love you! Thank you.

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