Brayden Dunbar releases ‘Better Alone’

Musical artist and Instagram sensation Brayden Dunbar released his new single “Better Alone.” Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos has the scoop.

Dunbar released the song on May 26 via the independent record label Magnus Records, and he allows his rich, rumbling voice to shine on this track. The lyrics are unapologetic, and relevant yet relatable; moreover, it has a catchy melody to it. Anybody who has ever through a breakup can relate to the song’s theme and message.

“Better Alone” is available on such digital service providers as Apple MusicSpotifyGoogle Play, and Amazon Music.

The Verdict

In summation, “Better Alone” by Brayden Dunbar is solid from start to finish. It showcases Dunbar’s growth and maturity as a singer-songwriter and it is worth more than just a passing glance. This expressive single garners four out of five stars. Hopefully, it is a harbinger of more great things to come from Dunbar musically in the future.

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