Brazilian superstar DJ Alok has teamed up with Spinnin’ Records for an outstanding 5-track EP

The Brazilian culture is always surrounded by an wickedly sexy musical rhythm that few cultures will ever be able to master. DJ / Producer Alok in a 5-track EP has been able to showcase a stunning sound of Brazilian Bass that is simply unsurpassable. The elements, the synths, the drops and over all beat will have you thinking you’re in Rio during Carnival EDM style. Without a doubt Alok has crafted the end of summer rhythm that all of us will keep on repeat. Check it, stream it, keep it and never let it go, because this 5-Track EP will never let you go!!!

Full Support from us at Raver Mag.  


Bhaskar & Alok & Stonefox – ‘This City’

Sander van Doorn & Alok – ‘I House U’

SELVA & Zerky – ‘Make Me Wanna’

Sevenn – ‘Whip It Up’

Liu – ‘Don’t Be Scared’