Broken Back & Alle Farben Team Up On The Last Days Of Summer With New Single “One By One” Out Now Via Sony Music/Ultra Records

Ultra Records and Sony Music are teaming up to release a new single from international acts Broken Back and Alle Farben with a combined 8+ Million Monthly Listeners and more than 500 Million streams, the pair  are coming together for their new single “One By One”- LISTEN HERE,  which stands like a sunny, unreserved and nostalgic eulogy of an unrequited love affair.  

Alle Farben is genuine and original right out of Berlin-Kreuzberg. His sound naturally transports the specific characteristics and qualities of Berlin’s nightlife: diverse, colorful, boundless, while Broken Back leans more on upbeat and super quirky energies in his music. With influences like Wes Anderson, his hypnotic and whimsical vocal styling, are combined effortlessly with offbeat storylines. “One By One” fuses the energy of both artists into a sound all their own, and one well suited to close out the summer season.

“One By One” with it’s sunny flair, an effortless blend of world music, almost  tropical in nature, and combined with Broken Back’s hybridized vocal work and dynamic personality, the single’s energy will keep your soul warm from the get-go. 

“One By One” is out now  across all DSPs.



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