Sonic innovators BROKEN NOTE are proud to present their long awaited second album installment, EXIT THE VOID. A cutting-edge body of work emblematic of the Broken Note sound, Exit The Void draws on a wide array of influences from across the autonomous and subversive spectrums of the underground. BROKEN NOTE have been hard at work in the nine years that have passed since the release of their groundbreaking Terminal Static LP, releasing a full seven EPs that have further solidified their multifaceted heavyweight sound.

The first offering ahead of LP release comes bearing two gifts, “ALTERNATIVE FACTS” and “PRESSURE CHAMBER.” ALTERNATIVE FACTS marks the album’s first quarter with the warped tonalities of its impossible sonic truths that tear ravenously at the solid set foundation of its devastating halftime rhythm. PRESSURE CHAMBER comes as a raucous breakbeat treat, combining a hectic frenzy of drum and bass into Broken Note’s signature backsound.