LA-based duo CAPYAC is one with the funk. The hybrid-electronic tandem found their footing in none other than the live music capital of the world – Austin, Texas. From late-night warehouse parties to ACL stages, CAPYAC remains an integral part of the music, arts, and cultural landscape in the Central Texas oasis. Now stationed on the West Coast touring cross country in strange costumes alongside puppets, pancakes, and dance troupes, CAPYAC has quickly become a nationwide spectacle. Ahead of their sophomore studio album, (or as they like to call it, their second debut album) CAPYAC FOREVER the jazzy twosome delivers the LP’s final single “Ooeeooeeoo.” An aptly titled number brazen with deep basslines, bustling electronic grooves, and smooth vocal delivery, “Ooeeooeeoo” is a riot for the senses. Speaking on the track CAPYAC thanks their collaborates and says: “We tried for a long time to come up with a better name for this song, but there actually isn’t one. All you need to know is that Papa Mongoose is BACK and the world-famous Logan Kane has joined the family with his BASS GUITAR.” 

Listen to “Oooeeooeeoo” below and watch this space for CAPYAC FOREVER due for release on August 8.