Caravan Palace in Dallas TX – Review

Written by “Wonder”

All Photographs Copyright Florent Drillon

Recently, I received the opportunity to attend an event I had been waiting to attend for some time now. One of my favorite groups ever, Caravan Palace, was headed to my hometown of Dallas, TX and I knew it was an opportunity I simply could not let pass by. Luckily, I was able to attend for Raver Magazine! Read on below to hear about these super talented artists and how my night went!

EDM swings you back into the mid 1900’s as Caravan Palace takes the stage. These energetic and spark driven French artists inspire the irresistible tugs and pulls of a relentless rehearsal and begs the listener to bask in their partner’s arms and be swept upon the moonlit stage of envisioned Fedoras, white coated suits, and the resonating clinks of champagne glasses. It is a unique blend of the raver’s world, leaving an unforgettable remembrance of excitable footwork transitioning to sly scats and undeniable urges from the audience to break out in a set of euphoric jazz hands. Caravan Palace feels about the audience and leads the crowd’s participation with stunning confidence, daring not to leave a single fumble in the patterns of their orchestrated show. There is a clear distinction of satisfaction left with the audience as favorites such as “Brotherswing” drives the entire room delirious with hand claps and cheers. Zoe Colotis is bestowed with a beautiful task of filling the electronics with the perfect voice to signify their reoccurring swinging era’s theme. Never missing a beat, she entices the crowd without encouraging an echo of their own voices, but their bodies. These talented artists are able to transition with remarkable confidence to pieces like “Star Scat” where fevered urges to be spun and thrown in passionate rhythm can suddenly morph into curious nods and bewildered sways of indistinguishable scats weighed with fervor.

Copyright Florent Drillon
If you’re venturing for a twist in the rave scene, Caravan Palace not only takes you back into a treasured era, but offers a sense of European territory. They offer dazzling lights that pulsate to their funky twists at every turn. Even the performers – more specifically the keyboardist – immerse themselves in the music with heavy stomps and you can practically envision the beats intertwining with their bodily movements. A sort of wordless and festive banter takes over their footwork in fevered tap dances and invokes adorable awe. Happiness reflects in the crowd’s reactions and fans kindly shared their long dedication to the artist, some enjoying their music for up to half a decade. Never was there a moment of pause or silence in the audience, always the cheers, claps, and seemingly spastic thrusts of the hips from side to side. It seemed as though everyone was in a spell, myself included, as no one dared to resist the frenzied beats.
I envisioned myself upon the grandest of parties as they pushed through their sizzling display. My eyes closed and I was swept upon a lively scene of synchronized dance and wacky characters wooing ladies of class and wealth. Everything begged a black and white movie classic and I wondered if this was how it’d feel to be involved with favorites such as “La La Land” with their animated style.
All ages would enjoy these fun driven artists. The clarity was unbelievable. There are times where live performances simply boom and muffle into slightly undesirable noise, but all sounds fit in proper volume. It wasn’t simply appealing to the ears, but the eyes as well. Each performer had movement you could direct your attention to and when you found yourself able to tear your gaze away, your nearby neighbor would offer just as much enjoyment with their beaming faces and friendly invites to “Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!”
While their piece “Miracle” may have been the flag that finally drove well deserved recognition to their talent, I will personally always hold “Clash” from their Panic album in 2012 near and dear to my heart and the first piece that symbolized a growing addiction. As a devoted fan from long ago, it brings me great and triumphant pleasure to finally witness their unforgettable and impressionable spark with my own eyes.