San Diego-based DJ, producer, and live-vocalist Casmalia returns to the release radar with her new collaborative endeavor, ‘Escape From You’, with Sean Lafayette. The latest from the multi-faceted talent follows her February-released original production ‘Tethered’, as well as her May-released track ‘Makes Sense’, featured on Night Bass Freshman Vol7.  Known for mainly playing original songs in her sets and singing over her productions live, Casmalia injects her unique sound design into each of her records. ‘Escape From You’ is out now via IN/ROTATION.

    “‘Escape From You’ has been an idea in my head since the start of 2022. Like many of my tracks, I started with the vocals and built the rest of the track around them. The song has gone through several reworks and transformations since its inception, including a more minimal version that I sang live this year at Coachella, and received a fantastic crowd response. Collaborating with Sean has really helped this track reach its full evolution. He did an amazing job creating a melody that conveys the original emotion of the song: the freeing feeling of letting go of someone/something we once loved that no longer serves us.” – Casmalia

    Escape From You’ is a vibrant offering that audibly boasts a propelling four-on-the-floor tone, perfectly paired with a rich, sultry vocal cut. The track kicks off with a pulsating bassline and percussive elements, quickly followed by Casmalia’s enthralling vocals. A rising tension is slowly built, before unleashing an infectious beat drop revealing a reverberating bassline accompanied by a pitched-down vocal chop on loop. Oozing with atmospheric energy unlike anything heard before, the track encapsulates the ears, transporting listeners to a euphoric soundscape. Serving as a stellar addition to her blossoming discography, ‘Escape From You’ oozes with an unquenchable groove, featuring all the best that house music has to offer as a genre. 

    Listen to ‘Escape From You‘ below:

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