Following the release of “Chill W U” ft. Sunroof95, Casper Sun returns with another electrifying single from his forthcoming debut LP Sunshine RadioOut now worldwide, “Mercury Glider” fuses the artist’s soaring vocals with sensual instrumental sequences and euphoric chord progressions.

An oasis of rapturous sound, “Mercury Glider” gallivants through galaxies with elysian zeal. Resounding basslines purr while enthralling synth waves surge as Casper Sun stories shielding his true emotions under a blasé guise. Transcending earthly sonic planes with heavenly resonance, “Mercury Glider” is the perfect song for carefree summer cruises and post-breakup recovery playlists alike.

“‘Mercury Glider’ is Casper’s way of playing off whatever emotions he gave off previously, throwing up all the walls, and talking about how great life is, or more specifically, how great life could be with Casper. It’s always fun when Casper has room to be braggadocios but ‘Mercury Glider’ flirts with how surface-level Casper’s intentions and emotions can be. Casper doesn’t want to admit any real feelings, but would rather dance and skirt his way around whatever’s happening.” – Casper Sun

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