Casual T is on a roll. The Austin-based producer and scratch DJ has released tracks in the vein of both bangers and bliss this year. At the heels of his most recent single “Still Thinking of You,” Casual T drops a remix of Daddy NAT’s “Elders.” The original joint recruits help from Abhi The Nomad and Lonely Child and exists as stand alone triumph. But Casual T’s new take on “Elders” gives the OG track a deep electronic flair. Casual T succeeds at cultivating a sound entirely his own and this fresh flip is no exception. His use of haunting synths and looming electronic frequencies linger throughout, breathing life into a well balanced remix.

“This song was a blast because I really gotta put my creative spin on it. Daddy NAT and Abhi’s voices fit well over the big, spacey hip hop vibe I had in my head.  The remix, which is super weird and dark, sounds nothing like the original track, which had a catchy, poppy vibe to it.  That’s the beauty of it.  We went in with one thing and came out with something completely different. I can’t wait to drop this on a big stage soon” – Casual T

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